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Is typical training in your everyday gym no longer enough, has it become boring and outdated, do you crave for something more challenging or do you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally? Then you are at the right place, not only do we offer the best MMA, Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu Jitsu training in South Africa we are one of the few MMA gyms in Johannesburg.
Whether you are looking to acquire a new skill set, strengthen your inner core or just increase your overall fitness we will be able to help you. The training offered at our gym isn’t something you can learn just anywhere or by watching some online tutorials, it is tough by real professionals who spend years developing the proper skills and techniques all of which have been derived and modified from proven age old techniques. It is the unique hands on approach that we offer that sets us apart from the competition.
Apart from our hands on approach we have also taken it upon ourselves to provide comprehensive training to woman as well as men. We believe that woman should be able to defend themselves especially in the society we live in where violent crimes against woman and children are on the rise, and there is no better way to learn how to fight than through our training courses some of the contact training courses that are available include:
• Jiu Jitsu
• MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
• Muay Thai
• Boxing
Our training institution is far from ordinary we don’t believe in catering to your personal vanity, we believe in two things hard work and results and with the training programs we offer results that are guaranteed.
For those looking to get into contact sports, you must keep one thing in mind if you don’t have the correct contact training you could end up getting hurt. We will be able to help you, not only do we have access to contact sport tournaments we are capable of providing you with the proper guidance and training you will need, contact sports require physical strength, speed, agility and discipline all of which our training programs have been formulated to provide.
If you are looking for a gym where you can go for a light workout and nice chat with your friends you are better off sticking with aerobics classes, but if you are looking for more then come to us we can help you unlock it.

Boxing Training

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